Monday, November 1, 2010

A trip to Italy – on the subject of great house wines.

Now, what I’m about to say will ring well with the elitist wine lovers, but who cares about that right?

Conte Ferdinando Guicciardini – Table wine (the big bottle on the left – 5L – just for comparison a regular sized bottle on the right)

First Impression:

House wines are great, they have a very original taste, are usually sold in large bottles (always a plus), and don’t hurt your pocket.

Ok I have to say that my first experience with an Italian house wine didn’t hurt my pocket at all, I received it as a gift. Writing this blog is starting to pay off already.

This particular one is very easy on the mouth, I’m guessing it has a slightly lower alcohol level which is nice because you can have three glasses a day instead of the cautious two. (Have you read “Younger next year” I highly recommend it, its never too early to start)

Where I got it from:

My parents just got back from a trip around Italy where they stayed at, now if any of you watched “Under the Toscan sun” it should give you a vague idea about how great of a place this is – that’s what my parents said anyway. The place is romantic, very well taken care of, and the owners make you feel right at home. I know my parents will be going back.

The wine was from a place near by:

Grapes: no idea, the lable just said “vina da tavola rosso” wich I guess means red table wine but I haven’t checked that in a dictionary.

What I drank it with:

Italian Gorgonzola
Polish smoked ham
Spanish olives

Went great with everything.

A special thank you to Andrea for the white wine I received from you, I will make sure to write about it next :)

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