Sunday, November 21, 2010

On the subject of German white wines

To be honest I'm not a great fan of German white wines, they usually taste pretty “champagnish” and what I mean by that it feels they are usually more carbonated then their foreign counterparts.  This might be because I might have been a little unlucky when choosing them myself, I do remember one great wine I drank in Nuremberg a couple years back during the asparagus season, it was quite expensive however and was picked by a local. Maybe its hard to find good reasonably priced German whites when you don't know where to look, if anybody has suggestions please share them :)

A special thank you to Andrea from Italy who is the first person to donate a wine for me to write about, that is not a member of my family ;) Andrea and her husband run this lovely inn in Toscany. (

Burgerspital, Silvaner 2008 (Germany)

First Impressions: It does taste slightly more carbonated then other whites, however I left the bottle open for two days in the fridge and I have to say it tasted really nice after airing out.

(looks like a really nice place to visit)

Grape: Silvaner
(an interesting grape)

If you have any other wine recomendations please email me with them and I will make sure to get to them. 

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