Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don’t let winter get to you – Gluhwein the answer to snow, cold and long winter nights.

Poland has been hit by snowstorms recently, so I have hit the ski slopes a couple of times. There is absolutely nothing better when you get indoors after skiing or spending an hour getting your car out of the snow then Gluhwein. I guess the English term is Mulled wine.

You can make it yourself 3or buy ready to serve after warming up. Since some of us usually don’t have the time to make mulled wine ourselves I recommend buying a ready version and adding some honey and a couple of cloves.

Since there are truly so many different gluhwein’s I won’t recommend any in particular, but I truly like the German ones best, there are variations in Poland and I have seen some French ones but trust me on this one the original German Gluhwein with some honey tastes best, and I bought a bottle at a local grocery store for 18 zł around 6$.