Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to satisfy your preagnant wife and enjoy a good bottle of wine in the meantime ;)

Ok so its Tuesday night and you got home late from work, your wife is preagnant, and all you want to do is drink a glass of wine and enjoy a peaceful evening...;)

(what you need – one bottle of wine, two camembert cheeses, one egg, bread crumbs, one pear, cranberry sauce and thirty minutes)

Crack open a Teanum – Favugne – Rosso 2008 (Italy) bottle and do the following:

- take the two camembert cheeses you bought earlier
- put it in egg yolk so that it covers the cheese
- when its all covered in yolk sprinkle bread crumbs on it so that they stick to the cheese
- throw it on a hot pan and fry it (I used olive oil) should look something like this:

- once it starts getting brown, flip it on the other side until it starts melting ever so slightly
- put it on a plate and add some pieces of pear along with cranberry sauce

- enjoy the wine, eat the cheese, look at the happy wife and empty plates

First impression of the wine:

The word „fruity“ comes to mind but its hard to be exact, it really has a rich palet. it should be good with read meat however I ate the camembert served with pear and cranberry sauce and it worked great.

Price and where I got it from:

(however I can’t seem to find it on their website right now) it costs around 30 – 35 zł (10-12 $)


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